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WZMH Architects has extensive experience in Sustainable Design, with numerous LEED Platinum, Gold and Silver Buildings completed or currently under design. Principles of sustainable design have also been applied to our master-planning and design of buildings in foreign countries where LEED is not prevalent. The results are reflected in receipt of numerous domestic and international sustainability awards.

Sustainable urban and building designs seek an enhanced interface with their context and climate to create more durable and energy efficient environments for their occupants to work or reside. Inspired by vernacular architecture, and assisted by modern technology, sustainability is the reconnection of contemporary design with its surrounding ecological fabric. Transitions in building codes and client needs have further woven green design into programmatic requirements of most buildings currently on our drawing boards.

The built environment is the backdrop to our urban lives and we take pride in our ability to create healthier workplaces and homes with reduced carbon footprints for the future occupants of our buildings.