WZMH Architects: Dynamic. Innovative. Diverse.


WZMH Architects is a design studio where innovation and fresh approaches to problem solving are encouraged and rewarded. This philosophy has motivated us to constantly adapt and reinvent ourselves to produce architectural designs that are contemporary and relevant. We have learned from every project and retained this information in our pool of technical expertise, tempering our creativity with practicality. Our teams are structured specifically for client’s projects to ensure a dynamic combination of design, technical, management and leadership skills required to guide a vision from schematic design to constructed completion. In an age of increasing complexity we aim to simplify the process for our clients and create timeless architecture, harnessing the full energy and potential of a site, from which a master plan or building enhancing its context can flourish.

One of the unique and consistent features of our firm has always been the exceptional level of attention paid to the importance and value of personal relationships. The firm was founded, in part, due to the confidence shown by several key clients, and the firm has thrived with the expansion of these relationships over the course of the past 50 years.