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222 Jarvis Street Sustainable Building Renewal

Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Realty Corporation

Zero Footprint Re-Skinning Award, Finalist Large Commercial Category, 2010

This comprehensive revitalization project was inspired by the desire to transform a heavy, brutalist example of architecture from the 1970s (formerly known as the Sears Building) into a sustainable, light-filled workplace for Ontario government staff. The project has become a flagship for government initiatives in the use of sustainable building and planning approaches in the reconstruction of downtown office buildings, and a catalyst for neighbourhood revitalization. Extensive renovations include removal of parts of the building to create a new four-storey feature lobby and the addition of an entrance canopy. Energy-efficient glazing, as well as mechanical and electrical upgrades, further contribute to the transformation into LEED Gold, Class-A office space. An improved working environment is achieved through increased natural light entering by way of a skylit central core. Open-plan, interconnected floors foster a sense of community and interdepartmental collaboration.