Jenn McArthur

Jenn McArthur is an Associate Professor in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University. She leverages her pre-academic experience as a mechanical design engineer and project manager to improve the holistic performance of the built environment. She is the PI for Ryerson's Smart Campus Integration and Testing Lab and her research program centers on the development of Smart and Continuous Commissioning applications, a BIM and machine-learning integrated Smart Campus Integration platform, and the development of best practices for workplace design integrating both energy/environmental and health/wellness/productivity considerations.

Jenn’s current and recent projects include developing surrogate models for commercial buildings, machine learning classification and prediction of boiler faults, developing a Roadmap-to-2030 strategy for the Toronto2030 district, online model predictive control systems, and developing a cloud-hosted BIM-integrated facility management platform. She is also the project lead for the Smart Campus Integration & Testing Hub, which will showcase post-2030 sustainable construction and operations.

Outside of her academic work, Jenn has served on several advisory roles including work with the Existing Building Commissioning Task Force (NRCan), advisory group for the City of Toronto's Net-Zero Strategy for Existing Buildings, and on Chapter and Regional Advisory Boards for the CaGBC.