CSEC honoured with a Canadian Design-Build Institute Award

The winner in the special uses category, led by PCL Constructors Canada Inc. and WZMH Architects, was the Communications Security Establishment Canada Long Term Accommodation Project. This P3 project incorporates many great ideas, typical of the design-build approach where builders and designers are at liberty to include what might be thought of as far out suggestions. Since the building is a classified secure facility, high levels of security clearance were required from all staff and systems were needed to ensure that classified plans, drawings and documents were kept secure.

The final complex is remarkable by the striking architectural expression both in the interior and the exterior. It will disprove any opinions that design-build somehow has to limit design to low-cost options and materials. Some noteworthy aspects of the project were that rainwater is collected and reused, solar panels create renewable energy to partially offset building requirements, and in the data center, heat recovery is used.

Interesting savings developed through the compression of the delivery schedule by the proponent as some six months were cut from the original design and construction duration. This time saving translated in a substantially reduced cost of capital, which allowed the client, Defence Construction Canada, to add program items resulting in a facility worth over $800 million.

Watch the video.

CSEC honoured with a Canadian Design-Build Institute Award