John Ricci’s Retirement

After a long and successful career, John Ricci is retiring at the end of 2017.

John began his career after graduating from Ryerson Polytechnic in 1972 and spent most of his, more than 45 years in our business, as a valuable member and partner of pellow+ associated architects inc. In 2015, when pellow and WZMH merged, John continued as a valued partner.

He has earned a reputation for his technical knowledge related to the preparation of contract documents, but also as an exemplary project manager and contract administrator. He has always been known for his level headed and fair approach to conflict resolution and is well respected in both the development and construction industries. His easy going style will be missed. Fortunately, one of John’s other traits has been as a mentor to many younger architects and contract administrators, and he leaves the architectural business in good hands.

His partners and colleagues at WZMH wish John and his family many years of healthy and happy retirement. We look forward to many visits in the future and hope to keep John available from time to time to lend his wisdom and experience whenever the situation calls for it.

John Ricci’s Retirement