RBC WaterPark Place is Toronto’s first LEED Platinum Core and Shell Certified office tower!

This LEED Platinum Certification recognizes WaterPark Place’s environmentally progressive and innovative design, including a dedicated outdoor air system, deep lake water cooling, fitted glass “fins” along the building envelope, sensor-based lighting, a green roof, and connection to public transit.  On hand at the official ceremony were WZMH Principal Harrison Chan, and WZMH Associate Principal Jeffrey LeLeong-Poi.

Several sustainability features makes WaterPark Place the City of Toronto's first office development to be completed and certified.

  • Covered pedestrian bridge connects to Union Station and encourages tenants to travel to work by train or subway - estimated that 80% of staff arrive at work by means other than the automobile
  • Sun shades reduce heat gain and increase indoor comfort by managing the angle of the sun throughout the seasons
  • Vertical fins reduce glare from the morning and afternoon sun
  • Horizontal fins on the south shade office space from the high summer midday sun
  • Horizontal frit pattern with a 50% density on glass fins manages heat gain without impeding views from the office space
  • Perimeter columns clad in spandrel glass result in a low-average ratio of 46% solid wall to vision glass, which helps to reduce energy consumption
  • Variable flow Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) with its own, separate distribution ductwork provides a high ventilation rate of fresh air to all areas of the floor plate
  • Demand control ventilation assisted by CO2 sensors adjusts demand and delivers fresh air to spaces with higher population density • DOAS decouples ventilation air from heating and cooling resulting in significantly reduced energy consumptio
  • Building utilizes a deep water district cooling system
  • Use of daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors for the building lighting system minimize energy consumption
  • Sixty per cent of the building’s roofs are green, irrigated only by storm water - contribute to the improvement of air quality in the downtown, as well as providing views and bird habitat
  • “Bird-friendly” glazing above all horizontal surfaces ensures safety for the bird population
RBC WaterPark Place is Toronto’s first LEED Platinum Core and Shell Certified office tower!