Rino Filippelli

Senior Associate Principal
B. Tech
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Rino’s creative approach to design and strong technical skills have been an asset in his role as Senior Job Captain and Project Manager. Rino's experience extends to numerous projects types: ranging from small to large, new designs and renovation of existing buildings. His strengths are rooted in his clear understanding of design, organizational skills, and team approach on every project with which he is involved.

Rino understands that the building form, site and spatial layout is a direct result of a dialogue between the parameters of zoning restrictions, construction costs, client needs, design efficiency and appropriate "architectural style" for its context. Rino has been responsible for managing the consultant team on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that the project is coordinated and completed on time and budget. He works closely with the Project Architect, ensuring that all programming and design issues have been properly addressed.

Rino originally joined the firm in 1997, became an Associate in 2008, Associate Principal in 2014 and a Senior Associate Principal in 2020. He is a graduate from the Architectural Program at Ryerson University and holds a Bachelor of Technology in Architectural Science and is currently completing his licensing exams with the New York State Board for Architecture and seeking AIA membership.