Grimsby, Ontario
The Rosseau Group
22,489 m2 | 242,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Full Architectural Services

Located within a growing community close to the south shore of Lake Ontario adjacent to the existing historic Casablanca Inn, WZMH’s design creates a distinct identity for this two tower residential project. Drawing inspiration from the Town’s historical context, the project’s undulating tower and podium forms recall the structure and design of the boats that once populated the lake’s shores.

The 22 and 19 storey towers are set back from the podium edge to provide visual clarity and reduce their perceived impact from the street. A recessed floor creates a sensitive transition from the podium to the towers. The project is designed to address its two public street frontages, and offers opportunities for the establishment of an attractive and lively public realm. Large expanses of glazing along the ground floor that display retail merchandise or offer glimpses of the indoor amenity areas, seamlessly connect the interior and exterior spaces. Supported by outdoor patio areas associated with the retail uses, the project will enhance the vibrancy and animation of the streetscape.