Toronto, Ontario
Scope of Service:
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In light of current sustainable goals, and since the post-war sprawl expansion model no longer seems to suffice, a new paradigm has been slowly emerging, shifting attention from what is usable to what is reusable space in our cities. For this reason, our goal is to take advantage of the existing elevated highways and create a building prototype that will see these infrastructures as the backbone for new development.

Starting from the urban zoning analysis and the traffic volume data, this building prototype will follow and strategically re-balance the existing urban form, creating new areas of office, residence, retail, entertainment, sport, and recreation. It starts by taking into consideration the new developments currently on the verge of shaking the automotive industry, such as driverless cars and automated parking systems. Part of this adaptation to future demands, the building proposal will integrate landings and "hangars" for flying vehicles at various levels, mindful of future linear vertical traffic corridors. At the highest level of the proposed horizontal structure, an elevated park will provide the natural outdoor element linking the different parts of the structure and promoting urban farming. For the vertical dimension, the towers will typically house stacked programs: office at the larger lower levels, hotel in the middle section and residential units at the top, as they taper into smaller floorplates. As the buildings rise and the functions change, the openings for integrated balconies are getting larger and that will help to visually de-materialize the structures.