IBM Canada Headquarters

Markham, Ontario
IBM Canada Limited
80,000 m2 | 860,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Full Architectural Services

An indoor street over 200 metres in length runs through the heart of this large complex and connects seven landscaped atriums, which act as town squares, at the center of several office neighbourhoods. To promote interaction, staircases, elevators and shared use areas such as meeting rooms and coffee stations face on to the atriums. Adjacent to the main building, a low structure concealed by planted berms takes the form of the surrounding landscape and provides parking for 3,000 cars.

The headquarters is comprised of a series of eight 3,000 m² modules that step up to the west from four to seven storeys in height. Facilities include an 18,500 m² education wing, a 14,000 m² computer centre, office space and two large cafeterias. A high level of security separates public access from the staff and computer areas.