IBM Facility for Software Development

Markham, Ontario
IBM Canada Limited
50,000 m2 | 538,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Full Architectural Services


Markham Design Excellence Award, 2001

Located on an 85-hectare site traversed by the picturesque Upper Rouge River, this four-storey office campus, cafeteria and 200-child daycare centre is home for IBM’s 2,000-person community of software developers. The complex is organized as four linked modules that are “fingers” that extend towards the river valley, providing workspaces with views to the natural setting. Meeting rooms, oases, elevators, washrooms and stairs are located along a central spine that links the modules, so as to encourage impromptu staff encounters.  Stairs with views to the outside encourage staff movement between floors.

Several sustainability strategies were adopted in the site design, including forest regeneration and improvements to the filtration of groundwater runoff. The use of flamed granite and green tinted glass on the exterior creates a sense of warmth, making the building a subtle intervention into the surrounding landscape.

The complex is served by surface parking for 2,000 cars and also includes a 5,000 m² data centre.