Lansing Square Masterplan

Toronto, Ontario
ELAD Canada
174,000 m2 | 1,872,000 ft2
2025 (Targeted)
Scopre of Services:
Master Planning/ Architectural Design

In response to the Consumers Next Secondary Plan which envisages the transformation of existing office sites into mixed-use and employment areas, the Lansing Square Master Plan proposes a new mixed use community to transform this key site as a gateway to the surrounding neighbourhood. A range of new retail, residential and office buildings, grouped carefully around existing buildings define a new central park that will serve as an important amenity for this new community.

WZMH’s plan encourages pedestrian connections and porosity between new buildings from surrounding neighbourhoods to the central park space. Spaces between buildings are transformed to landscaped courtyards with adjacent retail, amenity and lobby spaces for maximum animation of the pedestrian realm.

The masterplan proposed demolition of two existing low rise office buildings and retention of another two taller offices. A large sea of parking will be buried underground to create spaces for a new road network to divide the large parcel into a series of streets and smaller blocks with new buildings, sidewalks and landscaped open spaces. Four new residential towers are stepped back from podiums to scale to adjacent street edges and neighbourhoods. A new office building, parking structure, daycare and retail are proposed adjacent to the new park. Additional townhouse blocks provide edges to the new streets and neighbourhood.