Minyoun Yibin Sanjiangkou Project

Yibin, China
Minyoun Group
816,000 m2 | 8,785,500 ft2
Scope of Service:
Design Competition

Located in the Sanjiangkou Three River District, the site overlooks the merging of the Min and Jinsha Rivers. The point of their convergence marks the beginning of the Yangtze, one of the most storied rivers in China. A competition finalist, WZMH’s design reinforces the existing vibrant mixed-use character of the Jiudu Da Dao neighbourhood. Its tall landmark tower frames views north to the Yangtze River. From the water, the tower forms the gateway to the city, the sinuous curves of its façades recalling the shape of the adjacent river shoreline.

The development is comprised of four parcels, each bordered by an animated retail street edge surrounding a central courtyard or atrium. The parcels are anchored with tall towers strategically positioned to maximize views of the Yangtze. The design accommodates a dramatic slope of the site descending to the water’s edge, and restaurants on multiple levels terrace down to the river. A serpentine multi-level skylit and weather-protected pedestrian spine, animated with retail uses, seamlessly connects the entire site.

The design features a luxury 400-room Minyoun Hotel, a 260 m-tall office tower, two Soho hotels, three serviced apartment towers, a luxury shopping centre complex, and fifteen residential towers.