Promenade Mall Redevelopment

Vaughan, Ontario
178,000 m2 | 1,915,000 ft2
2024 (Targeted)
Scope of Services:
Master Planning/ Architectural Design

The Promenade Mall Redevelopment repurposes and rebrands a traditional mall into a vibrant mixed use community. As part of a phased development, existing surface parking lots will be converted into high-density residential neighbourhoods comprised of towers and podiums with centrally-located courtyards. An outdoor High Street shopping experience with selected retail uses will complement the interior mall and provide a pedestrian-friendly urban environment. The gateway to the development, a grand outdoor plaza surrounded by retail, restaurants, and offices, will be the forecourt to the new main entrance. Inside, a new central atrium with a skylit roof, will become the heart of the community.

Phase 1 of the project branded as Promenade Park Towers includes the addition of two residential towers at 35 and 30 storeys over a shared podium and rooftop amenity area. The new towers feature a direct connection to the renovated mall and also face onto the proposed outdoor high street, featuring retail spilling out onto urban sidewalks and outdoor patios. A new mixed use tower containing office and hotel functions over a retail base is also proposed. The tower is integrated with the mall to provide future office workers and hotel visitors’ direct access to the surrounding retail and outdoor landscaped areas.