Saadiyat Island Villa (The Villa)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Emirates Stallions
2,972 m2 | 32,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Concept Design, Design Development, Core & Shell, Concept Landscape Architecture

The Villa is a two-storey luxury residence on a beachfront property intended for use as a vacation home rather than a principal residence. The design is based on a ‘vintage colonial’ style, similar to the Nation Riviera Beach Club at Nation Towers, and features a primarily light coloured exterior with terraces, trellises and shading devices. In addition, the development contains a number of outbuildings, including a gym, change rooms, sauna and steam room, a parking garage and a security hut. The site is extensively landscaped and includes a perimeter wall, hard and soft areas, water features and multiple pools.