Scarborough Subway Extension Study

Scarborough, Ontario
6,500 m2 | 70,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Concept Design Study

This station design serves as the new gateway to the Scarborough Town Center, and is planned to transform the area into a vibrant node and city centre. It is composed of a covered bus terminal at grade level housing approximately 45 GO and TTC buses and is also linked to a below grade TTC subway station. The station design features a dynamic roof structure including a fifth elevation which is approximately 460m long and supported on 60m column spans. This creates a column-free space to promote seamless pedestrian sightlines and flow.

The Conceptual Design options, dubbed Lily Pads, Heart Beat and Wave, demonstrate alternate and innovative thinking to achieving a 21st century public transport space. They also establish a rich user experience through bold spatial sculpting and controlled, purposeful daylight penetration designed for intuitive way finding.