Shanghai Securities Exchange Commission

Shanghai, China
Shanghai Puly Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
95,000 m2 | 1,023,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Full Architectural Services

Designed as the “gateway to the future,” the iconic image of this 26-storey tower is instantly recognizable in a sea of surrounding high-rise towers in Shanghai’s Pudong Financial District, China’s nerve center for private investment. The building forms an 18-storey high archway that is visible from afar. At the 6th floor, the two anchoring towers are bridged by the trading floor, a 60-metre column-free space for 1,700 traders. The building’s symbolism of Shanghai as the leader in China’s emerging economy is powerfully expressed by a muscular steel exoskeleton, clad in sleek silver aluminum and reflective glass. A nine-storey podium houses the Securities Exchange Complex and trading floors, while parking, the public concourse and building services are located below grade. This project has achieved LEED Gold certification.