Toronto Federal Judicial Centre

Toronto, Ontario
Public Works and Government Services Canada
7,000 m2 | 75,000 ft2
LEED Silver
Scope of Service:
Schematic Design, Design Development, Compliance

Located in a downtown office building on University Avenue,  this project, clearly modern in design, uses a minimalist architectural aesthetic to express the dignity of the courts.

Public, high-traffic functions occupy the lower floors, while courtrooms and areas requiring higher security, such as judicial chambers, are located on the upper floors. Ceiling heights are generous, and public waiting areas and selected courtrooms have access to natural daylight. Each courtroom contains a central lighting feature in the ceiling canopy that draws the eye to the judge’s dais. Behind the raised platform, a granite wall with the official coat of arms provides a focal point for the room and reinforces the permanence and gravitas of the courts.

The judicial centre is located in downtown Toronto on University Avenue, with rooms for programs that reflects the changing nature of judiciary services, and includes rooms for such as alternate dispute resolution, as well as more traditional courtrooms and rooms dedicated to examination for discovery for federal and tax courts.