Kuwait University

Al-Shadadiyah, Kuwait
Kuwait University, Planning Department
370 hectares | 914 acres
Scope of Service:
Master Planning, Peer Review
Canadian Consortium Architects

The master plan for Kuwait University, designed to accommodate 30,000 full-time students by 2025, is driven by a desire to create a dense and walkable campus. Respecting cultural requirements, the plan provides distinct areas for male and female students, separated by a central landscape feature that resembles an oasis and is planted with a dense grid of palm trees. In a modern interpretation of a souk—the traditional Arab marketplace— two, kilometre-long covered and naturally ventilated outdoor gallerias protect pedestrians from the sun. The gallerias, framed by closely-sited comfortably scaled three- to four-storey buildings, are lined with cafés, student commons, and shared amenities. Parking is located at the perimeter of the university, creating a truly pedestrian environment in the campus core.

This large-scale project began more than 15 years ago and is phased to continue for the next few years, with the construction of roads, parking structures, landscaping, and a number of college buildings well underway. WZMH’s role included establishment of the Design Vision for the master plan, collaborating on the design development, the management of a large team of international consultants, and ongoing review of the infrastructure work that is currently in progress.