University of Toronto Modular Building Design

Mississauga, Ontario
University of Toronto Mississauga
812 m2 | 8,740 ft2
Scope of Service:
Full Architectural Services

Recognizing that a university can play a role as a laboratory for experimentation and the advancement of architectural discourse, this two storey office facility located at the entry to the campus, demonstrates the potential for prefabricated modular buildings to achieve design excellence.  

Modules will be constructed off-site in a controlled factory environment. The building will be comprised of 19 modules dimensioned to enable their transport by semi-trailer on public roads to the site, and to be subsequently dropped into position by crane.  Modules will be delivered complete with interior partitions, and exterior cladding.

Inspired by the dynamic character of container architecture, the 2nd floor mass appears to slide over that of the first floor to create a cantilevered picture frame window, that addresses students arriving at the nearby bus stop and drop off.  A veil of silver corrugated perforated aluminum panel clads the 2nd floor in contrast with a smooth black aluminum panel on the first floor.

The project responds to a need to provide, in a short period of time, 800sm office space for various campus operations.