Yunnan Tuodong Sports Centre

Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Yunnan Investment Construction
2,800,000 m2 | 30,139,000 ft2
Scope of Service:
Master Planning

This mixed-use master plan for over 2.8 million m2 of space will transform the downtown core of Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, and support the City’s goal of becoming a pre-eminent third-tier urban centre in China. Inspired by the renowned natural beauty of Yunnan, WZMH’s master plan uses a strong landscape theme to express “Where the City Meets the Country.”

The plan features a linear park with riverfront restaurants and shopping to provide a sustainable and pedestrian-friendly environment. Residential terraces at intermediate and rooftop levels become vertical gardens that allow all levels of the development to enjoy a landscape amenity.

At the heart of the project is a multi-storey sports centre, the shape of which references the Stone Forest, a unique natural phenomenon just outside the city. The commercial centre, which includes a super-tall office tower with an 800-room atrium hotel and shopping centre, is located north of the river along the thriving Dong Feng Road. To the south, multiple 60-storey residential buildings are linked by serpentine rooftop terraces that reference the meandering river. Parking is provided for 18,000 cars, along with a retail concourse that connects to two subway stations.

WZMH was awarded the commission to design the centerpiece of the development, a 123-storey super-tall tower.