Black Box

Engineering Partners:
Argentum Electronics, Quasar Consulting Group

Black Box is a term used to describe several custom electronic devices developed in collaboration with Argentum Electronics Inc. and are intended for the DC (direct current – low voltage) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications in the building industry.

The intent of the Black Boxes is to provide simple, user friendly, plug and play, cost effective and practical solutions to design, construct, and operate buildings in an intelligent, efficient and connected way. The Black Boxes also offer cost effective solutions to retrofit existing buildings into smart and intelligent structures without having to replace all existing components. Black Boxes offer a solution to fully integrate all building components under one common highway that allows all connected devices to interact with each other in an efficient, non-proprietary, and seamless way – paving the way for a ‘one hardware solution fits all’ approach. Black Boxes are designed to be vendor neutral in terms of the devices and components that connect and interact with the box

Black Box 1: Smart PoE Splitter that can connect one or multiple non PoE devices and manage them remotely.

Black Box 2: DC Combiner or power management that distributes power from each of the PoE switch ports to one or multiple connected devices.

Black Box 3: PoE Daisy Chain Controller (the “mother ship”) for multiple devices of the same type, providing PoE and management based on a series layout.

Black Box 4: PoE Brain that manages the controllability and interaction of all building components that traditionally operate under proprietary hardware and software systems.

Black Box 5: Power management system that connects to a traditional electrical panel within a home or apartment (condo, rental unit, student housing complex) that allows the occupant to control all connected devices resulting in a ‘smart home’.

Pinky Sensor: RJ45 male plug with a wide range of sensors/components (light, sound, temperature, humidity, motion, camera, light fixture, VOC sensing, etc.) that is PoE, plug and play and compact (the size of your pinky).